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Since 1890, the National DAR, along with DAR chapters and state societies, have been involved in the preservation of sites and properties. The involvement ranges from outright ownership to contributing to maintenance to participation in governance or oversight. There is a wide array of such valuable historic resources: buildings, rooms, monuments, cemeteries, forests, landmarks, trails, and so forth. Many are open to the public and can serve as testaments to the continued work of DAR. Cultural heritage tourism is widely recognized today and many DAR properties can enrich a travel experience.

The Historic Sites and Property Preservation project catalogues all NSDAR sites and properties and determines the condition and tourism availability of each. Location, funding, historical significance, historical designations, promotional material, and availability information are needed for each site and property.

The state societies are encouraged to keep their own catalog of properties that their Daughters have been involved with as a historical record of the state's involvement in historic preservation and recognition of significant sites. The scope at the state level extends to include sites that were marked by DAR chapters in the state but have no chapter actively involved with the maintenance of the property or site.

For a listing of properties in other states, please visit the National DAR Historic Sites and Properties website.

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